14 Apps to Learn Greek for All Levels, All the Way to Fluency

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Most of you might be familiar with a couple Greek letters from math class (and fraternities/sororities in case you call the U.S. home)… and that’s basically it. But if you can’t wait to change this situation and dive head-first into this beautiful yet mysterious language, tag along and check out the best apps to learn Greek online.

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We’ll be covering more traditional courses, wordlists, tutoring, and quiz-centered apps. I’m positive there’s at least one Greek learning app for each of you!

Why should you use apps to learn Greek?

You’re not the only one to feel like you barely have time to do what you have to, let alone learn a language just for kicks! Luckily, language apps are one tap on the screen away and will have you learn Greek whenever and however you want. 

From Mondly‘s comprehensive approach to HelloTalk‘s lively community of fellow learners, and from Memrise’s fun language games to Pimsleur’s top-notch audio lessons, there are always a few apps to learn Greek offering exactly what you need.

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Santorini is as close as it gets to heaven on Earth!

So let’s start working on changing what “it’s all Greek to me” means to you? (Sorry, I just had to make this awful pun!)

Apps to learn the Greek alphabet

1. Greek Letters and Alphabet

First things first: before moving on to grammar and vocabulary, you’re supposed to learn the Greek alphabet. While that may sound complex, you’ll be relieved to find out most letters have an equivalent in the Latin alphabet (or the one you’re reading this post in).

So do yourself a favor and download Greek Letters and Alphabet to get used to the Greek spelling! It’s complete with multiple-choice questions, a time game, and two quizzes: one for finding and one for naming letters.

Why you should try Greek Letters and Alphabet:

Pricing: An exorbitant $0.99!

Devices: iOS and Android

Top Greek course apps

2. Mondly

The Mondly app is mainly about the core vocabulary that all students need to work on to gain fluency. At the end of each lesson, a recap will help you memorize the new words and phrases. Its cool quizzes are structured around essential (but numerous) topics.

And that’s far from everything! Mondly releases new lessons every day and boasts a holistic learning style that combines spelling, matching words to pics, and fill-in-the-blanks activities.

One thing I like about Mondly is how it’s sufficiently challenging so you can progress quickly.

Why you should try Mondly:

  • Lessons focusing on vocab
  • A gamified, fun learning path
  • Learning Greek from your native language

Pricing: $9.99/month or an unbeatable $47.99/year. Find a promo here.

Devices: iOS and Android. Get started free here.

3. Pimsleur

Pimsleur app

Apart from Pimsleur’s audio lessons you’ll find an assortment of learning resources on the app, including interactive quizzes, reading lessons, and flashcards. 

Pimsleur’s world-famous method is structured around fantastic 30-minute audio lessons that work on a limited set of new words at a time. This ensures you can fully absorb the content of each unit and not feel overwhelmed in the process.

Here’s an offer for you: Try Pimsleur Greek absolutely FREE today!

Why you should try Pimsleur:

  • A focus on listening without leaving out the other skills
  • Six decades (and counting) of tested efficacy
  • A scientifically proven method based on how your memory works

Pricing: Premium subscription is $19.95/month. Or pay $21.95 per five lessons, with bundled discounts available. Try it free for seven days.

Devices: iOS and Android.

4. Rosetta Stone

learn language on rosetta stone

Award-winning Rosetta Stone has been developing foreign language courses for 25+ years. The app’s global approach is well thought out and, with a glossy layout to match, offers a built-in voice recognition tool to help you with pronunciation, as well as constant feedback on your performance.

With Rosetta Stone, you’ll get to study Greek through immersion in multimedia content, all while setting your own learning path.

Why you should try Rosetta Stone:

  • A study plan entirely set out by you
  • A speech-recognition engine that gives you feedback on your pronunciation
  • It’s indeed a top-rated app

Pricing: $35.97 for a three-month subscription. Find a promo here.

Devices: iOS and Android. Start here.

5. LingQ

learn greek with lingq

LingQ boasts thousands of hours’ worth of lessons, podcasts, audiobooks, interviews, all with matching transcripts that have you hone your reading and listening skills at the same time.

But the unique thing about LingQ is that you can import virtually any written content from the web and listen along. 

Why you should try LingQ:

  • Tons of multimedia resources to learn from
  • Staying informed and having fun as you study
  • Dedicated forums and blogs to interact with the LingQ community

Pricing: Premium plans vary between $12.99 for a monthly membership and $107.88 for a yearly one; Premium Plus ranges from $39.99 (a month) to $839.76 (two years)

Devices: iOS and Android

Fun apps to learn Greek

6. Duolingo

duolingo greek

Duolingo is set up so as to encourage you to study a little every day, in order to ensure you won’t simply rush through too many lessons in a day, only to have forgotten everything the day after.

It’s no wonder Duolingo’s the most downloaded language-learning app out there: its game-like lessons are entertaining while teaching all you need to make your way through a new language.

Why you should try Duolingo:

  • Great grammar content
  • A sleek and engaging layout
  • Setting weekly goals

Pricing: Free with ads, or $6.99 for a monthly subscription, $49.99 for a six-month one, and $69.99 for year-long access

Devices: iOS and Android

7. Clozemaster

learn greek on clozemaster

Although Clozemaster shouldn’t be the only tool you’ll count on to study Greek, I’m sure you’ll owe it a good deal of breakthroughs. Its fill-in-the-blanks activities are a terrific way to learn new words in context. 

Developers claim Clozemaster is a work in progress — it has a few hundred questions per language for now. Keep playing to follow its updates!

Why you should try Clozemaster:

  • A fun way to learn Greek
  • It teaches you new words in a context
  • Grammar and listening challenges (Pro option)

Pricing: $8 a month, $60 a year, or $140 for lifetime access

Devices: iOS and Android

8. Drops

learn greek with drops app

Like a few other apps, Drops’ free version gives you limited content every day, which will make you practice Greek on a regular basis instead of overdoing it.

The best thing about it, though, are the four “missions” to choose from (enthusiast, traveler, business student, and romantic), each with different games and quizzes. 

Why you should try Drops:

  • Travel-oriented
  • A huge selection of vocab topics
  • A more casual learning path for whenever you’re tired of grammar

Pricing: $9.99 for monthly subscriptions, $69.99 for yearly plans, and $159.99 for lifetime access

Devices: iOS and Android. Start here.

Apps to study Greek for free

9. Bravolol

learn greek on bravolol app

Bravolol is hands-down one of best apps to have on your device in case you’re about to fly to Greece. Its native “parrot” will teach you how to pronounce expressions that you can’t miss out. 

What’s even better is that you won’t have to rely on an internet connection, as everything from Bravolol is also available offline. With its bilingual dictionary to top it off, it’s almost hard to believe the app’s 100% free.

Why you should try Bravolol:

  • Extensive vocab structured around topics of interest
  • All materials can be accessed offline
  • Matching audio clips and an accompanying dictionary

Pricing: Free

Devices: iOS and Android

10. FunEasyLearn

funeasylearn greek

FunEasyLearn is structured around 320 issues and, as its name suggests, boasts lots of learning games so you’ll never get tired of studying Greek. As a vocabulary-oriented app, it’ll blend seamlessly with your grammar material.

On top of that, FunEasyLearn’s new hands-free mode allows you to practice as you go about your day after setting up the lessons you want to learn.

Why you should try FunEasyLearn:

  • 30 cool learning games
  • 300,000 audio recordings!
  • A comprehensive dashboard outlining your progress

Pricing: $11.99 for a monthly subscription and $249 for a lifetime one, though sales are common.

Devices: iOS and Android

11. HelloTalk

hellotalk app

Besides talking to fellow Greek students via text and voice messages or video calls, on HelloTalk you’ll be able to post your own content and react to that of other users. 

What’s more, HelloTalk offers countless podcasts, games, and even sessions with teachers to help you learn Greek. This is truly the social network for language aficionados of every stripe. 

Why you should try HelloTalk:

  • Interacting with a large community of Greek learners
  • It’s an actual social network, with all the features you expect from one
  • You can maybe make new friends!

Pricing: Ad-free HelloTalk VIP costs $6.99 a month and $45.99 a year

Devices: iOS and Android

12. Nemo

Nemo is basically a list of words and phrases that you’ll have to know if you want to speak Greek fluently. That makes it a one-of-a-kind Greek language app, as it’s not built around lessons at all.

A voice recorder lets you assess your pronunciation skills on your own or with your teacher. That and the matching audio clips that show you how to pronounce each entry are Nemo’s amazing extra features.

Why you should try Nemo:

  • A precious list of essential words and phrases
  • Matching audio tracks to practice pronunciation
  • A supporting tool for your Greek studies

Pricing: Zero, for the win!

Devices: iOS and Android

Best apps to find a Greek tutor

13. italki

greek tutors on italki

By using italki, you’ll learn Greek with a native speaker who will fit lessons into your personal needs. In addition to that, you’ll get to interact with its vibrant language learning community. That means you’ll have both private lessons and group exchanges in one app. 

italki offers two categories of tutors to pick from: whereas community tutors give mainly conversation classes, professional tutors are far more experienced and will help you overcome your weak spots by planning a tailored learning path.

And it’s pretty flexible too: you pay per lesson taken, plus you’ll be given a discount on your first three trial lessons!

Why you should try italki:

  • An impressive selection of native tutors
  • Teachers develop a bespoke method that suits your needs
  • You’ll be able to take your time to learn Greek

Pricing: Hourly rates start from $6, but you’re likely to pay between $15 to $30 to work with a more experienced teacher

Devices: iOS and Android. Find a tutor here.

14. Preply

Preply works basically like italki, yet it also includes highlights like an intuitive layout and handy functionalities. For example, if you and a specific tutor don’t get along particularly well, you’ll be given a free trial with another one. Besides, you can bring your credit along as you switch tutors.

Preply tutors often teach more than one language — that’s great in case you’re looking to study Greek together with some other language.

Why you should try Preply:

  • Picking a tutor that clicks with you
  • Learning how Greeks actually speak Greek
  • Setting your own pace

Pricing: Entry-level teachers charge $10 for lesson; more experienced ones average $20-35

Devices: iOS and Android. Find a tutor here.

FAQ about studying Greek

Since we’re all about being thorough, we wanted to go a tad beyond suggesting useful apps to learn Greek. Take a look at these tips and then ask in the comments whatever you feel like we haven’t covered!

greek flag

What are the reasons to learn Greek?

Greek might have played a major role in the birth of your mother language as you speak it today: for example, between 5 and 10% of English words derive from Greek. And of course Greece’s contribution to western culture and history in general is priceless.

In case you have business interests in Greece, learning Greek is even more important. Although about half of Greeks speak some English, unless you learn their language you’ll never get a good grasp of their mindset or their country’s fascinating culture. 

Is Greek easy or hard to learn?

Greek isn’t closely related to any other modern languages. That means it might be challenging to learn regardless of where you’re coming from. If English is your first or second language, for example, it might take twice as many hours to become conversational in Greek than it normally does to learn French, Spanish, or Swedish. 

That said, Greek is easier than Arabic, Korean, and Mandarin, to name a few. So it could clearly be worse!

How do I learn Greek quickly?

If time’s an issue for you try either favoring an efficient method like Pimsleur‘s or studying with a native tutor through apps such as italki.

As fun as quiz-oriented apps are, they are best paired with other resources such as audio lessons and tutors if you want fast results. 

How can I speak Greek fluently?

You should blend Greek into your daily life. Listening to music, reading the news or a book, and watching movies are great for doing just that. Granted, you won’t understand much in the beginning, yet once you make your first breakthroughs you won’t feel like stopping, I promise! 

Of course, practice makes perfect, and again, this is where tutors on italki or Preply, or a community like HelloTalk will help.

Even better, complement your Gree learning app with a textbook for beginners.

What are the best apps to learn Greek?

All of the apps we recommended, from Duolingo to Drops and Mondly, are awesome in more than one aspect. But you’ll probably enjoy some of them better, depending on how you’re used to studying.

But one thing is for sure: you now have plenty of resources to become fluent in Greek!

greek beach on Zakynthos island
Stunning Navagio Beach on Zakynthos island

That’s all from us (for now)… except for one last thing: if you haven’t yet, fall in love with Greece’s imposing ruins, mouthwatering cuisine, and stunning nature here and you’ll jump into learning Greek in no time!

Oh! And let us know below which apps to learn Greek helped you the most!

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