13 Best Apps to Learn Danish From Beginner to Advanced

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If you’ve always wanted to mix and mingle with Danes along the colorful houses of Copenhagen’s Nyhavn or in the hippie district of Freetown Christiania, this is the post for you. Our list of the best apps to learn Danish on the web will help you get ready to experience Denmark like a local!

cycling in the streets of copenhagen

We made sure to include more traditional courses, wordlists, as well as tutoring and quiz-centered apps, so that there would at least one app that is just the perfect match for each of our readers!

Why use apps to learn Danish?

In a fast-paced world like ours, time is as precious as it’s ever been. So few people can afford to sit through a regular Danish class in an actual classroom. And I guess most of us don’t live anywhere near a Danish language school anyway!

That’s exactly where apps come in handy: you can learn a language (or anything, in fact!) in the comfort of your home or during that otherwise never-ending commute. Whether listening to Pimsleur’s audio lessons or playing language games on Mondly, there are tons of wonderful apps to learn Danish available on the web!

Of course, in case you’re planning to become fluent or conversational in Danish, you shouldn’t rely on one app only. But combining Babbel‘s consistent learning path, for example, while engaging with HelloTalk‘s lively community of fellow learners, is definitely a winning strategy.

Møllestien street in Aarhus
Møllestien, a charming street in Aarhus

Ready to set out on your journey all the way to fluency with our apps to learn Danish? Skal vi gĂĄ! (i.e. “Let’s go!”)

Top Danish course apps

1. Babbel

Learn Danish on Babbel

Babbel is an award-winning language learning app that emphasizes spaced repetition to help you memorize new words. Going back on important words on a regular basis is the best way to ensure you’ll really learn them.

Yet the app is not about vocabulary only: in fact, one of the things I love about Babbel is its balanced mix of content focusing on listening, speaking reading, and writing, as all the greatest language learning resources do.

Why you should try Babbel:

  • A global approach to Danish learning
  • A clear layout so you can track your progress
  • Customizable reminders at your study time

Pricing: $13.95 for a one-month plan, $29.85 every quarter, $50.70 every six months, or $83.40 for a yearly subscription

Devices: iOS and Android. Start here.

2. Mondly

Mondly concentrates on core vocabulary that every learner is supposed to work on to gain fluency. At the end of each lesson, a recap will help you memorize the that you’ve just seen.

Its interactive quizzes are structured around essential topics. One thing I like about it is how it’s far more challenging than similar apps.

The app’s holistic learning style combines spelling, matching words to pics, and fill-in-the-blanks activities. What’s more, Mondly releases new lessons every day, which is more than you can say about most other apps!

Why you should try Mondly:

  • Lessons focusing on vocab
  • A gamified, fun learning path
  • Learning Danish from your native language

Pricing: $9.99/month or an unbeatable $47.99/year. Find a promo or try it free.

Devices: iOS and Android.

3. Pimsleur

learn danish on pimsleur

Pimsleur had to feature in this section because it’s simply as complete as it gets.

Its renowned method is structured around amazing 30-minute audio lessons that work on a limited set of new words at a time. This way, you’re not overwhelmed and can fully absorb the content of each unit.

In addition to the audio lessons, Pimsleur has an assortment of tools, including reading lessons, flashcards, and quizzes.

Here’s an offer for you: Try Pimsleur Danish absolutely FREE today!

Why you should try Pimsleur:

  • A focus on listening without leaving out the other skills
  • Six decades (and counting) of tested efficacy
  • A scientifically proven method based on how your memory functions

Pricing: Pimsleur subscription is $14.95/month for Audio-Only; $19.95/month for Premium (with Bonus Materials), or $20.95/month for All Access. Start your full access, 7-day free trial.

Devices: iOS and Android.

4. Innovative 101

learn danish on innovative101

Innovative 101 offers content-packed but short lessons with native teaches. Yet one of its assets is that it’s not too much about grammar as it is about speaking. It’ll have you take in what actually matters to strike up a real conversation with a Dane.

At the end of each lesson, you’ll take a test to make sure you’re ready for the next one. Oh, and unlike the majority of similar apps, you can start multiple lessons simultaneously on Innovative 101.

Why you should try Innovative 101:

  • Emphasis on speaking skills
  • Lessons with native teachers
  • Constant updates with new material

Pricing: $227 for lifetime access to one of the Danish courses or $527 for all three of them

Fun apps to learn Danish

5. Drops

learn danish on the drops app

The greatest thing about Drops are the four “missions” you pick, each with a different set of games and quizzes: enthusiast, traveler, business student, and romantic. 

Like a few other apps, its free version gives you limited content every day, which will make you practice Danish on a regular basis instead of overdoing it.

Why you should try Drops:

  • Travel-oriented
  • A huge selection of vocab topics
  • A more casual learning path for whenever you’re tired of grammar

Pricing: $9.99 for monthly subscriptions, $69.99 for yearly plans, and $159.99 for lifetime access

Devices: iOS and Android. Start here.

6. Clozemaster

learn danish on clozemaster

Cloze exercises are fill-in-the-blanks activities, which are a fantastic way to learn new words in context. While Clozemaster shouldn’t be the only resource you’ll count on to learn Danish, it’ll help you make many breakthroughs.

For now, Clozemaster has a mere few hundred questions per language, yet developers claim it’s a work in progress — a promising one at that for all I know!

Why you should try Clozemaster:

  • a fun way to learn Danish
  • it teaches you new words in a context
  • grammar and listening challenges (Pro option)

Pricing: $8 a month, $60 a year, or $140 for lifetime access

Devices: iOS and Android

7. Memrise

learn danish on memrise

Memrise’s colorful interface shouldn’t mislead you: it’s filled with high-quality and diversified material. Its method centers on three aspects: getting you to understand the meaning of a key phrase, applying it in a real-life situation, then interacting with fellow learners so you guys can help one another.

The app’s extra stuff includes audio and video clips that are guaranteed to get you hooked.

Why you should try Memrise:

  • Lots of culture-oriented content
  • Vocab you’ll use in your daily life
  • Language immersion through engaging audio and video clips

Pricing: $8.99 for a month, $59.99 for a year, and $139.99 forever

Devices: iOS and Android

Apps to study Danish for free

8. Duolingo

danish on duolingo app

Duolingo hardly needs to be introduced, as I bet plenty of you have dabbled in it at least once. It’s no wonder it’s the most popular language-learning app on the planet: while its game-like lessons are entertaining, they teach everything you can’t miss to make your way through a new language.

The app is set up in a way that encourages you to practice a little Danish every day, so as to guarantee you won’t just rush through ten lessons in a day and not remember a thing of it the day after.

Why you should try Duolingo:

  • Great grammar content
  • A sleek and engaging layout
  • Setting weekly goals

Pricing: Free with ads, or $6.99 for a monthly subscription, $49.99 for a six-month one, and $69.99 for year-long access

Devices: iOS and Android

9. FunEasyLearn

funeasylearn danish

FunEasyLearn is a vocabulary-oriented app, which means it’ll support your grammar material extremely well. It’s structured around 320 issues and, as its name suggests, has an impressive 30 learning games so you’ll never get sick of learning. 

What’s more, the app’s new hands-free mode allows you to set up the lessons you want to learn and practice even as you exercise.

Why you should try FunEasyLearn:

  • 30 cool learning games
  • 300,000 audio recordings!
  • A comprehensive dashboard outlining your progress

Pricing: $11.99 for a monthly subscription and $249 for a lifetime one, though sales are common

Devices: iOS and Android

10. HelloTalk

hellotalk app

HelloTalk is the social network for language aficionados of every stripe. Apart from talking to fellow Danish students via text and voice messages or video calls, you’ll be able to post your own content and react to that of other users.

On top of that, HelloTalk boasts a set of podcasts, games, and even sessions with teachers to help you learn. 

Why you should try HelloTalk:

  • Interacting with a large community of Danish learners
  • It’s an actual social network, with all the features you expect from one
  • You can maybe make new friends!

Pricing: Ad-free HelloTalk VIP costs $6.99 a month and $45.99 a year

Devices: iOS and Android

11. Nemo

Nemo is a one-of-a-kind Danish language app in that it’s not built around lessons. Rather, it’s a list of words and phrases that you’ll need to know if you want to speak Danish fluently. 

The matching audio clips that show you how to pronounce each entry aren’t Nemo‘s only extra feature: a voice recorder lets you assess your pronunciation skills on your own or with your teacher. 

Why you should try Nemo:

  • A precious list of essential words and phrases
  • Matching audio tracks to practice pronunciation
  • A supporting tool for your Danish studies

Pricing: Zero, for the win!

Devices: iOS and Android

Best apps to find a Danish tutor

12. italki

danish tutors on italki

Besides learning Danish with a native speaker who will fit lessons into your personal needs, using italki allows you to interact with its huge language learning community. That means you get the best of two worlds: private lessons and group exchanges. 

Not only that: italki is flexible — you’ll be given a discount on your first three trial lessons, then pay per lesson taken — and offers two categories of tutors to pick from. While community tutors give mainly conversation classes, professional tutors are far more experienced and will help you overcome your weak spots by planning a tailored learning path.

Why you should try italki:

  • You get to choose your Danish tutor
  • Teachers develop a bespoke method that suits your needs
  • You’ll be able to take your time to learn Danish

Pricing: Hourly rates start from $14, though you’re likely to pay between $20 to $35 to work with a more experienced teacher

Devices: iOS and Android. Find a tutor here.

13. Preply

Preply’s framework is basically the same as italki’s, but its unique functionalities and intuitive layout are two of its biggest assets. If, for instance, you don’t like a specific tutor, you get a free trial with another one. Plus, you can transfer your credit around tutors.

Many tutors on Preply teach more than one language, which is great in case you’re looking to combine your Danish studies with some other language.

Why you should try Preply:

  • Picking a tutor that clicks with you
  • Learning how Danes actually speak Danish
  • Setting your own pace

Pricing: Entry-level teachers charge $25 for lesson; more experienced ones average $40

Devices: iOS and Android. Find a tutor here.

FAQ about studying Danish

We’d never let you go without giving you a few tips for learning Danish. And if some other question pops into your mind, let us know in the comments below!

danish flag

Is Danish easy to learn? 

That’s a matter of perspective. For English speakers, Danish is one of the easiest languages to learn, tied with Romance languages and Scandinavian ones like Swedish and Norwegian. In case you’re familiar with these two, it should be almost like a walk in the park. 

But for folks coming from languages that use a different alphabet, like most Asian ones, learning Danish might prove more challenging.

What’s the best way to learn Danish?

Mixing different resources will keep you motivated and have you develop all the skills you need to work on to become fluent.

You can dive into Denmark’s fascinating and renowned cinema, for example; Thomas Vinterberg’s “Another round”, starring Mads Mikkelsen, won this year’s Oscar for best foreign movie. Reading the news or subscribing to a podcast like One Minute Danish will absolutely help too.

Where do I get Danish lessons online?

Apart from online tutoring apps like italki and Preply, you should check out Studieskolen and the Copenhagen Language Center. They’re both decades-old language schools specializing in teaching Danish to foreigners. Plus, they offer courses from beginner to advanced level.

How can I learn Danish for free? 

Most of the apps on our list have a 100% free, ad-supported version. That’s the case with Duolingo, FunEasyLearn, and HelloTalk, for instance. Babbel and Mondly, meanwhile, have limited free content. And of course, Nemo’s wordlist won’t cost you a penny.

How do I speak Danish quickly?

If you’re in a hurry, you should either focus on studying with a native tutor through apps like italki or favor a time-tested method like Pimsleur‘s. Also, drill in the basics with some Danish textbooks for beginners. Though quiz-oriented apps are awesome, they’re typically meant for more casual learners. 

What are the best apps to learn Danish? 

Every single one of the apps we’ve covered here, such as Babbel, Duolingo, Mondly, and Drops are fantastic in many ways, yet each kind of student will naturally enjoy some of them better.

In the end, what really matters is that you now have all the tools you need to learn how to speak Danish!

Møns Klint in denmark
The rugged beauty of Møns Klint on the the island of Møn, southeastern Denmark

Hopefully our list of apps to learn Danish will help you start off this journey on the right foot! Also, in case you’re still wondering if Danish is the language you should explore next, check out the incredible things the homeland of Lego and hygge is known for and you’ll be sure!

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