12 Best Apps to Learn Finnish Words, Grammar & Phrases [2021]

The Finnish language is fun, fascinating and strange. It’s very different from other Indo-European languages. It has funny-sounding words with almost too many consonants for the human tongue to handle, and the length of some of the words is just ridiculous. Luckily for you, we have listed some of the best apps to learn Finnish.

Finnish is only spoken in Finland–by approximately 5.5 million people–and can seem difficult to foreigners. However, today there are a plethora of great apps that make learning a language fun and easy. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Mondly is a great starting point with effective lessons for beginners.
  • Pick up conversational skills quickly with the world-famous famous Pimsleur app.

Below I have listed a few of the best apps for learning Finnish.

Best apps to learn Finnish

1. Mondly

Mondly Finnish app

Mondly is a fantastic app for learning Finnish.

It’s jam-packed with practical topics and smart vocabulary builders, accompanied by audio by Finnish native speakers. It uses levels to track your progress.

The app provides exercises for reading, listening, speaking, and writing, and is an excellent tool for learning Finnish on the go, no matter if you’re on the bus or at a café.

Why you should try Mondly:

  • Mondly makes it easy to learn grammar with its superb verb conjugator
  • The app gives you positive feedback if you pronounce words correctly
  • It provides thousands of useful words and phrases

Price: Mondly has a free but limited plan. A monthly subscription costs $9.99 while a yearly plan costs $47.99. Find a Mondly promo here.

2. Pimsleur Finnish

Pimsleur app

Here’s an offer for you: Try Pimsleur Finnish absolutely FREE today!

Pimsleur offers an awesome Finnish audio course that is focused on enhancing your conversational skills.

It comprises 30-minute core audio lessons that can be played anywhere even when you’re driving a car. Your learning is enhanced by bonus learning materials, from reading lessons to digital flashcards and games.

The well-known Pimsleur is highly effective and worth the investment. It’s really one of the best apps to learn to speak Finnish.

Why you should try Pimsleur:

  • Pimsleur is an app that gets you talking!
  • It’s based on active recall and great memory techniques
  • It offers an abundance of listening and speaking exercises

Price: Pimsleur subscription is $14.95/month for Audio-Only; $19.95/month for Premium (with Bonus Materials), or $20.95/month for All Access.

Start your full access, 7-day free trial.

3. Memrise

memrise application

Memrise is an award-winning app with a great interface and learning experience.

The app uses both pictures, video, and audio to help you learn Finnish words, and it allows you to practice speaking Finnish with useful everyday phrases.

Memrise also has a website where users can upload helpful Finnish courses and word lists.

Why you should try Memrise:

  • It helps you learn how a language is really spoken
  • It has tons of listening and speaking exercises
  • Various kinds of exercises to help you increase your vocabulary

Price: Memrise charges a subscription fee of 8.99€ if billed monthly while an annual language learning plan costs 69.99€.

4. WordDive

WordDive app

WordDive is a Finnish language app that is both easy and fun. You start at a beginner level and advance to more difficult ones. The app uses algorithms for personally optimized learning and makes it easy to build vocabulary fast. WordDive is perfect for those who wish to deep-dive into the Finnish language.

Why you should try WordDive:

  • WordDive lets you learn vocabulary by listening, reading, writing, and speaking
  • Allows you to keep track of your progress and collect trophies
  • It has tons of useful words and phrases

Price: The Finnish language courses cost 9.99€ per month.

5. Duolingo

duolingo application

If you’re into languages, you have probably heard of Duolingo. The app is fantastic and makes it fun to learn languages. It’s a great way to get acquainted with the basics of Finnish and to get a feel of the grammar. Duolingo provides vocabulary lessons and lets you practice speaking, listening, and writing as well. Best of all–it’s free!

Why you should try Duolingo:

  • The game-like sessions make learning super fun!
  • The app has useful photos and graphics that help you learn Finnish effectively
  • Duolingo has a community with over 300 million users that you can chat with

Price: Duolingo is completely free. However, the app offers a subscription membership called Duolingo Plus, which costs $6.99 a month. With Duolingo Plus you get offline access, unlimited mistakes, progress tracking, and you get rid of the ads.

6. 50 Languages

50 Languages app

This app is simple but a great way to learn vocabulary without any fuss. It contains 100 lessons, and the free version provides you with 30 lessons. The lessons that 50 Languages offers corresponds to the language levels A1 and A2, which makes it ideal for beginners who want to learn how to speak Finnish. 

Why you should try 50 Languages:

  • Great exercises for building vocabulary
  • Combines text and audio for effective learning
  • It’s possible to learn words by topic

Price: The app is free but you can pay a one-time fee of $9.99 to get rid of the ads from all the languages.

7. Fun Easy Learn

Fun Easy Learn Finnish app

This app has over 60 million users worldwide and offers lessons in 34 different languages. Fun Easy Learn is indeed a fun and easy way to learn Finnish since it provides the most common words in whatever language you’re practicing, together with over 5000 thousand useful phrases. Fun Easy Learn is super fun and one of the best apps to learn Finnish.

Why you should try Fun Easy Learn:

  • Uses innovate strategies for learning
  • You can keep track of your progress
  • Collect flowers and bees to get a free subscription

Price: A monthly subscription costs $6.99, a 6-month subscription costs $4.79, and an annual subscription costs $3.59 a month. If you’re truly dedicated, there is a lifetime subscription one-time payment option for $92.99.

8. Italki

Italki app

Italki is an app that teaches you to actually talk Finnish! It offers affordable language lessons with native speakers in one-on-one settings.

Talking is the best way to learn a language since it forces you to remember and actively recall what you have learned, and you get to practice your grammar and pronunciation as well.

Why you should try Italki:

  • Have conversations with a native speaker
  • Personalized lessons
  • Option to pay as you go

Price: On Italki, you pay as you go. The language teachers set their own fees, which start from $4 for tutors and $8 for certified teachers. Find your Finnish tutor on Italki now!

9. LingQ


LingQ is an amazing interactive audio app that allows you to learn a language from news articles, books, podcasts or interviews. This clever app lets you listen and read along to your favorite books to whatever fun content you happen to find on the internet.

Why you should try LingQ:

  • Thousands of lessons with audio and matching text
  • You can listen to audiobooks and podcasts
  • Import your favourite content to the app

Price: LingQ charges a monthly subscription fee of $12.99. The 6-month option is $71.99 and the annual subscription option is $107.99.

10. Finnish by Nemo

Finnish by nemo

Finnish by Nemo is a super simple yet effective app to help you learn Finnish free. It only contains the most essential words, along with pronunciations, to help you get started with Finnish. It’s ideal for beginners to learn Finnish.

Why you should try Finnish by Nemo:

  • Record your voice and compare it to the teacher’s
  • All audio is available offline
  • Contains fun quiz options

Price: The full version costs 12.99€.

11. LinGo Play

LinGo play

This app, much like Duolingo or WordDive, also focuses on language learning through levels and saved progress. It teaches Finnish through online games and great flashcards on a range of useful topics, and you can even join tournaments! LinGo Play charges a subscription fee for access to all features.

Why you should try LinGo Play:

  • Offers language courses on a variety of topics
  • Over 5000 flashcards and 300 phrases
  • Has an online multiplayer mode

Price: The monthly subscription fee is 19.99€, three months cost 39.99€ while the 6-month option is 59.99€.

12. Quizlet


While Quizlet is not a language-learning app, it still contains a plethora of useful flashcard sets for every language–including Finnish. On Quizlet, either on the app or on the website, you can easily find Finnish word sets on every topic imaginable, completely free.

Quizlet is also a great tool for learning languages by manually entering the words you want to learn so you can practice.

Why you should try Quizlet:

  • Use flashcards and memory learning techniques to learn quickly
  • Share flashcards with friends or classmates
  • Find flashcard sets based on field or topic

Price: Quizlet is completely free. However, it offers an ad-free version and a premium version, which allows you to choose from different themes. Both paid versions cost $1.99 per year.

Some language-learning tips from a polyglot

1. Immerse yourself in the culture

Learning a language isn’t easy, especially if you aim to become fluent. Learning and mastering a language requires hard work and dedication, and while apps are great for learning a language on the go, there are still more ways to learn a language.

When I was learning French, I chose to immerse myself in the French culture. However, most of us don’t have the money or the time to stay for a prolonged time in Paris for example. Instead, I started watching French movies, watching French Youtube videos–I even started reading news from Le Monde or Le Parisien every morning! 

There are great ways to engage in Finnish culture, even from afar. The Finnished YouTube channel provides you with a glimpse into Finnish culture while helping you learn useful Finnish words and phrases. The YouTube channel Aleksi Himself is great for learning about Finnish culture and lifestyle. If you’re a podcast type of person, then FinnishPod101 offers easy and short podcasts in Finnish that helps your listening abilities. 

2. Book worms, gather!

If you love to read and love to learn new words, then it’s an excellent idea to pick up a best-selling Finnish book. Finland, like other Nordic countries, love thrillers and anything that has to do with gruesome, chilling crimes. However, those books might be too hard if you’re a beginner. Luckily, I have a tip for you: Moomins.

Ever since Tove Jansson invented and wrote about the Moomins and their adventures, these fun-looking creatures have been part of the Finnish culture. They may be children’s books, but they contain great life-lessons and hilarious jokes that even make adults chuckle.

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3. Be consistent

As I said, learning a language isn’t easy. It takes hard work and dedication to see results, which is why you have to be patient and stay with it. Dedicate fifteen minutes in the morning or in the evening every day to learning Finnish, and you’ll soon be saying rautatie and sukkahousut without any difficulty at all.

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