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Hello there, explorers!

Hey Explorer is a travel and culture magazine for the explorers of the world!

We believe that travel is most meaningful with a bit of effort on our part to connect with people and places. Here at Hey Explorer, our goal is to help make your explorations more meaningful by providing resources for learning languages, understanding cultures, and discovering the best of each destination.

We bring you in-depth and inspirational content by other explorers who love to write – almost as much as they love to travel!

Here are a few things you can do on Hey Explorer:

• Find the best tools to learn a new language, be it French, Korean or Swedish.

• Learn how to make money online by teaching English or your native language!

• Get to know your favorite countries & cities without leaving your armchair in our Explore the World series.

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Meet our amazing team.

We’re a talented group of content creators who also identify as explorers.

Dina Malyana

Founder of Hey Explorer

Dina (the explorer) is the all-in-one founder, content manager, and SEO specialist of Hey Explorer. She’s worked as a writer/editor and social media manager. A global citizen born in sunny Singapore, she loves learning French and exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations.


Social Media Manager & Writer

Joy is a writer and digital marketer from Manila, Philippines. Traveling and writing about her travels are two things that excite her most. Her days are usually spent drinking coffee, daydreaming about future travels, fangirling, and lurking on Twitter.



Anna-Karin is a Swedish/English journalist who loves languages, books and collecting coasters from pubs. She’s got a competitive streak and loves TV quiz shows.



Between one trip and the next, Diego journals, watches old movies, and cooks foreign dishes to placate his serious case of wanderlust. A yearly appointment with Rio’s Carnival is of great help too.



Owen is a British freelance writer and translator. He loves languages, reading and writing, and yoga. He is excited by travel, and currently planning his next trip to South America.

Ashley Kosky profile pic



Ashley has loved to write for as long as she can remember. From blogging to novels, the words are always flowing. When not writing, Ashley enjoys baking and has recently taken up running.

Ralph Lam profile pic



Ralph is an urban explorer fueled by curry fishballs and polo buns. An avid foodie with an undying love for Chinese noodles, Ralph likes to believe that there isn’t a single noodle shop in Hong Kong that he’s never been to.



Sara is a writer and travel enthusiast from Borneo, currently residing in Glasgow, Scotland. She’s obsessed with dark fantasy, unusual or mystical travel destinations, and above all, cheese.

Christine Fisher profile pic



Christine Fisher is a freelance writer and online entrepreneur based in Canada. As a lifelong writer, her love for words and storytelling foster her dreams of writing full-time. She also loves travelling, being active, and spending time with family and her dog Jeter.



Ramla’s motivation to write comes from her childhood aspiration of becoming a writer. Though she’s a 100% positive that pulling all nighters wasn’t part of the dream.



Filipa is a content creator, translator, and writer. Born in picturesque Portugal, she’s previously worked as a flight attendant and English instructor, two occupations which echo her two greatest passions: travel and languages.