12 Best Swedish Chocolates to Try Before You Die

Marabou chocolate bar

Swedish chocolate might not be as famous as Swiss chocolate, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as good. Think of Swedish chocolate like a hidden gem. It’s all just waiting to be discovered by you! Whether you prefer creamy, rich, or flavored chocolate, there’s a Swedish chocolate brand for you to try and love.  … Read more

15 Countries With the Best Chocolates in the World

Swedish chocolates

Whether you prefer the creamy goodness of alpine milk chocolate from Switzerland or the bold flavors of artisanal chocolates in Paris, there’s plenty of chocolate from different countries that all seem to taste absolutely incredible.  However, who has the best chocolates in the world? Obviously, there is no objective answer to that question. However, what … Read more

12 Best UK Chocolate Brands and Must-Buy Chocolates

A box of Aphrodite Chocolates

The United Kingdom has given the world plenty of iconic foods. From fish & chips to Yorkshire pudding and various pies, the food scene in the UK deserves way more recognition than it currently gets. The same goes for UK chocolates! After all, you’ve heard of Cadbury and Maltesers, haven’t you? From world-renowned chocolates to artisanal … Read more

25 Swedish Candies and Sweets You Can Buy Online

dumle sweets in a bowl

Sweden is a country of “sugar pigs” – godisgrisar. That’s Swedish for being a glutton when it comes to candy – and that’s something we can all relate to from time to time! Especially Swedes, though, who consume the most candy in the world per capita at about 16 kgs (35 lbs) each. However, there’s … Read more

20 Yummy Swedish Snacks You Can Buy Online

swedish snacks

Sweden might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of snacks and candy, but let me tell you, Swedes love their snacks. Like, they really love them. In fact, by Friday, Swedish snacks are all that’s on the menu come 7 o’clock.  Luckily, there are tons of Swedish snacks available … Read more

30 Swedish Souvenirs to Bring Home With You

We know the struggle is real when it comes to choosing what to buy as a souvenir from Sweden. What, for instance, will really capture the tussle you had with a moose? The smell of wintery nights and summer days? And why is it so hard to convince the owner of your rental cabin to … Read more

25 Things Belgium is Known and Famous For

wallonia waterfront

Planning a trip to Europe? Don’t leave Belgium off the list! Here are 25 things Belgium is known and famous for to convince you why it’s unmissable! Belgium is famous for its food, beer and divine chocolate. There are more castles per meter in Belgium than anywhere else in the world. Iconic landmarks like The … Read more